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Terms & Conditions

Eden Shuttles will run 7 days a week when the bookings are there. Generally that will be most Saturdays and Sundays, school holidays and during the week when groups get together and book a day. Follow the bookings to see where you can join in. Christmas Day is the only non-operational day. Some days will have adjustments when there are scheduled Club days or larger events planned.

On the day of your booking you will report to the bus with your receipt or I.D. to collect your wristband for the day or pick-up your Flexi Card.

It is not our responsibility to assess the capability of riders, younger riders are parental responsibility.  We are transport providers only. Any advice passed on about trails is advice only and not a recommendation or encouragement. Ride to your own ability.

Clients are to load and secure their own bikes to our trailers or bike rack, then unload themselves. Staff may help if it is required. We do not take responsibility for any damage caused during the loading and unloading of bikes. It is up to the riders to take care and be considerate of others.

We reserve the right to cancel/ban anybody for inappropriate behaviour such as acting in a threatening manner, damaging ours or other people’s equipment or generally being unruly and lacking consideration of others.

Refund Policy

When a day is cancelled by us such as mechanical failure or weather by the Eden MTB Club then all day pass holders will be entitled to a refund or exchange for another day’s riding. Refunds will be processed asap or within 14 days.

Clients who cancel before 3 days of their booking will get a refund minus $10 admin fee. If you cancel within 3 days of their booking you will be given a credit for another day. There is no refund or credit for clients who cancel or do not show on the day of their booking. There are no refunds for unused rides on any day passes or Flexi cards.

Priority Seating

Priority seating will be given to day pass holders to maximise their value for the day. Flexi card holders need to fit in with available seating. A Flexi buyer can choose to exchange 8 rides on their card for a Standard Day Pass. Blue Ribbon clients have a seat all day with their service.

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