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Light-to-light shuttles

Eden Shuttles offers a transfer minibus bus service for our beloved intrepid walkers who hike the renowned Light to Light Walk in Beowa National Parks. Why do you need a transfer? Well, the walk is 30 kilometres long from Boyd Tower to Greencape Lighthouse. Boyd Tower is 40 kilometres south of Eden just to get started.

You can drive out there yourself, leave the car and hike there and back for 60 kilometres of exercise. Or read our options below how we can help. We have vast experience in this region and can arrange transport and tours to fit everyone’s requirements.

There are many options available to you to complete this intriguing walk.

  1. This walk is often mentioned as a 3 days walk for your enjoyment. Yes you can take a leisurely 3 days/2 nights by taking your time and only walking a few hours each day then camping, swimming and relaxing.

  2. The walk can be done in 2 days with a little more effort yet still time to enjoy this great walk.

  3. I have taken experienced walking groups out there who have had a 6am start and I collected them at the other end at 5pm that same day and they still had a smile on their faces.


So we can do transfers out there to return you to your car left back at the beginning. There is a risk leaving cars parked in isolated areas where they have been broken into in the past. We can take you from Eden and return you there. We can take you out and back each day where you hike then return to your motel for a hot shower and a nice meal. We recommend the Eden Motel for safe car storage plus a heated indoor pool to soothe the body and only a short walk to the Eden Gardens Country Club.

Rates are a base fee of $160 each trip plus $40 per head up to 4 passengers and that drops to $30 a head for 5 + larger groups up to a max of 11 passengers.


Contact us if you'd like to book a shuttle

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