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Cyclist on Break


Q.        What is wet weather policy?

A.        The trails firm up during light rain and we will continue to operate. The Eden MTB Club has control of 

            Park closure and if this happens then the refund policy applies.


Q.        Where do we meet for check-in at the trailhead?

A.        Gravity Eden is a compact trailhead and it is easy to find Eden Shuttles at their signage/shuttle racks.               Place your bike on the numbered rack to secure your lift on the next shuttle.



Q.        How does priority seating work?

A.        Blue Ribbon clients buy and have their seat all day. No standard day pass or Flexi Card holders use this              service. Standard day pass holders have priority shuttle seating over Flexi holders. This is what they pay for and Flexi holders by their very nature are ‘flexible’ or occasional riders and will need to fit in when seating is available.


Q.        Who can use Flexi Cards?

A.        Flexi Cards are designed for riders who don’t have a full day but still want to get a few rides in. Very                    suitable for locals to drop in. They can be used by a family or friends or even give away unused rides if you’re not returning. However there is no guarantee that there are seats available on every shuttle.

Q.        If I purchased a single day pass and decided after the first day riding I want to ride again on the following day, will you honour the consecutive day pricing?

A.        Yes you may purchase an extra consecutive day in a second transaction. Please book online before close of buisness of the first day to ensure the shuttle is operating for your consecutive day.

Q.        What payment gate way are we using and what cards are accepted?


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